Registration for the
Manx Telecom IOM FIFA21 Championships

Entry fee!

£30.00 per player to enter the Championship

Entry fee must be paid in advance to secure place

Upon registering our bank details will be sent to your email for immediate payment to secure your entry


  • Matches played weekly at iGolf, finals held at Manx Telecom Hub

  • Over 16 years only

  • Minimum 32 players

  • One match knockout format

  • Rounds of 32,16, 8, 4 and 2

Game play!

  • Any domestic club

  • Any team set up

  • 6 minute halves (Finals 12 minute halves)

  • Injuries on

  • Offsides on

  • Bookings on

  • Handball on

  • Live season off

  • Offline friendly